White Widow


Like the California Haze, White Widow is a relatively recent strain, being created in the early 90s.

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The White Widow

White Widow is a relatively recent strain, being created in the early 90s. Since the beginning, it became one of the most requested CBD cannabis ever, actually winning the first prize in the Bio section of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, the year of its marketing. Its immediate success is also the reason why this strain’s composition was not initially disclosed, although we now know that for the cross, seeds from India (Kerala) and Brazil (Manga Rosa) were used.

The Overview

The flowers almost look like candies. Most CBD Buds are medium to small in size, because this plant develops in “width” and does not reach elevated heights; this allows the peaks to develop more evenly. The flowers’ colour is a green with a very strong ”personality”. The green is punctuated with dark orange/red pistils and trichomes.

The Aroma

The CBD White Widow has an aroma unmistakable even for the inexperienced. You will appreciate notes of forest, earth and Scots pine together with the smoothness given by exotic fruits aftertaste. The flavour is inebriating yet classic, intense and enveloping.

Some may say that it recalls our Gorilla Glue aroma, given the fact that they share many characteristics.

Origin and Cultivation

This CBD weed is cultivated in customized greenhouses located in the Northern part of Italy, near the city of Pavia. This farming estate features greenhouses of the latest generation, which allow a complete management of lighting, humidity and room temperature. Lighting is mainly natural although lamps are used during specific periods, especially during winter months. This is a particularly resistant plant that does not need many fertilizers, for this reason it is often chosen for Greenhouses (in greenhouses without any artificial light) and GlassHouse cultivations (like this one). This production is completely organic and GMO free, without any heavy metal usage.

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