California Haze


When someone talks about the California Haze CBD cannabis, they do it with utmost admiration.



The California Haze

When someone talks about the California Haze CBD cannabis, they do it with utmost admiration. As the name suggests its origins are stars and stripes, being “born” on the hills of the Bay Area. There is a kind of a legend concerning its creation: in fact, some say that two brothers – namely the “Haze Brothers” – casually created this awesome hybrid, using some of the seeds they had available at hand. This strain is the result of many years of study on high CBD cannabis plants: the first crosses date back to the early 1960s. California Haze CBD flowers are available in different sizes – from small to large; the smallest buds are selected and handpicked from the best flowers of the cannabis plants and have a diameter of about 1 cm.

The Overview

The California Haze different flower’s sizes depend on the large bud’s concentration in the apical part of the plants and also on the cultivation method used. The buds are covered by a thick “blanket” of bright red pistils and trichomes, which give the flowers and the plant their characteristic colour. Buds are also resinous and compact; some CBD Flowers have particular reflections ranging from classic red to bright purple.

The Aroma

Sweet aroma and delicate taste are the most appreciated features in the California Haze. We can define it as a rainbow of sensations that sweeten and soften the palate. The aroma is intense, soft, pleasant with hints of sweet fruits (such as strawberry and peach) and with an aftertaste reminiscent of cotton candy. When you think about the California Haze, you can absolutely think of a real “fruit candy”.

Origin and Cultivation

This strain has been successfully cultivated for about 2 years by a Venetian company, specialized in indoor cultivation. The company is located in the hills and uses modern aeration and irrigation techniques that allows it to be one of the most environmentally friendly crops, as well as being certified for organic production: no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used; consequently, the flowers are totally GMO free. California Haze CBD weed is cultivated in Aeroponics to allow the plant’s well-being and its maximum development in consequence. This cultivation technique allows plants to grow without water or land, only by means of the nebulization of essential nutrients on the roots; this allows the best control of the vegetative cycle, especially the flowering one. Buds are hand cleaned to avoid damaging their integrity.

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